The Goodyear Service Pin used in our logo is courtesy Jerry Bell. The pin belonged to his dad, Adolphus. R. Bell.

Village Scenes

Building The First Houses. This looks like it might be Pilgrim Street.
The Mill and Office During Construction
The Mill During Construction

ATCO Baptist Church

Christmas at the Schoolhouse
ATCO Store, circa 1940

Communal Garden Across Cassville Road at the Communal Barn;
Probably circa 1930-1940
BBQ in the park across from the mill. Most likely July 4th Celebration

ATCO Snow, Circa 1916

View of Village from Boss's Houses. 

Mae's Beauty Shop and Barbershop, circa 1980
ATCO School
Our infamous water tower

25 July 1930
ATCO Flood, Unknown Date

The Clubhouse, 2010


  1. While researching architecture and floor plans for the home my father grew up in at ATCO, I stumbled across this website. Thrilled beyond belief, I got with my dad and together we revisited the place he grew up at. Thank you so much for this opportunity and maintaining history for the younger generations.

  2. Thank YOU for finding us! Be sure to check out our Facebook page, too! We have lots more photos there that I haven't transferred here yet. We have almost 300 members, and your dad might very well know some of us! What's your dad's name? You can email me if you'd rather: I might be able to put him in touch with old friends if he's interested!

    Yvonne Mashburn Schmidt (ATCO Kid)

  3. Facebook Link:

    Or you can find us at ATCO, Georgia, The Village on Facebook.

  4. Glad I stumbled on your site , I would like to visit and take a few photos in the near future.


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