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Mill Village Survey, Textile Heritage Initiative
Saving the Stories

The Houses
Pee Gee Painted Cottages Ad
Boarding House Manager and Operator Want Ad - a Boss House?
Building the Village

The Mercantile Store
Scouting Article includes Multiple Names :Willbanks, Hicks, Commons, Newberry, Leach, Patterson, Rogers, Roper, Duncan, Hart, Dupree, Windsor, Blackwell, Farmer, Conley, Latimer, Hankins, Looney, Sharp, Willis, Mize, Hammond, Wade, Whitley, Jackson, Ware, Leatherwood, Collins, Bryant, Edwards, Hicks, Truner, Noland, Stevens, Rogers.

ATCO's Military Boys

2010 ATCO Village Reunion Article: Evelyn and Gene Cooper, Harry Green, Joy Cline, Yvonne Mashburn Schmidt, J.C. Wehunt, Bobby Nolan


The Armstrongs
Alvin Armstrong, Baseball Player Injured in Accident, 1938

The Abernathys
Leroy Abernathy, Gospel Singer

The Brysons
Bill and Roland Bryson
Grady Woodford "Jack" Bryson
My 19th Year In a Nutshell, Jack Bryson
Preacher's Daughter, Joyce Millsaps Bryson
The Millsaps and Brysons

The Cornetts
Dora Cornett Bailey Spencer

The Guytons
Virginia Mullinax Guyton

The Harris's
Joe Frank Harris
Joe Frank Harris, "Personal Reflections On A Public Life"

The Ledfords
Myra Ledford Cooper

The Mashburns
Yvonne Mashburn Schmidt

The Millsaps and Brysons
The Millsaps and Brysons
(See also Brysons)

The Mulkeys
Kathryn Mulkey Graham

The Mullinaxes
Delores Mullinax, Business Partners
Irene and Carter Mullinax
Roy Mullinax, Business Partners
Virginia Mullinax Guyton

The Sharpes
John Sharpe Family

The Tumlins
J.E. Tumlin
J.E. Tumlin, Field Day
J.E. Tumlin, The Toilet
J.E. Tumlin, The Cotton Mill

The Wheelers
George Morgan Wheeler, ATCO Village and Mill Builder

The Wilsons
Ruth Wilson

The Yorks
Rudy York


Booger Padgette
Big Boy Sutton
Kenny Boy Tatum
Mashpotatoes (me - Yvonne Mashburn Schmidt)
Coot Holmes (Stella Holmes)
Monk Holmes (Charles Holmes)
Coot Yancey
Satch Holcomb
"Bird" Kenney McDaniel
Frank "Rink" Martin
Max "Fireball" Davis
Gene "Suitcase" McKay
Jimmy "Candyman" Roland
Tony "Fatboy" Branton
Harold "Rattler" Roland
"Fatboy" Singley
"Mo" Jerry Moreland
"Birdy" Larry Davis
"Woofy" Wayne Thacker
"Hony" Lowery
Jerry "Snake" Orton
"Hoss Legs" Siniard
Bill " Noogie " Nolan
Charles "Fruit" Jackson
Gene " Silo" Vance
Charles "Growler" Latimer
Jackie "Snake' Ray
Harry Neal "Pod" Green
Roland "Curley" Bryson
Gene "Teddy Bear" Henderson
James "Griff" Weaver
Carolyn "Cracker" Morris Burgess
C.J. "Red" Earwood
Howard "Dude" Fortner
Robert "TOBY" Fortner
Harold "Frog" Kirkland


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