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25 June, 2013

The Wedding Rehearsal

"Any resemblance of this article to my Granddaughter Mary Catherine Tumlin’s wedding to Aaron Vincent Smith on 12/13/08 is purely coincidental. Aaron’s dad, Pastor Of Emerson First Baptist Church, officiated. We expect a Large-Litter-of-Lord-Loving-Levites from this union.

We used to belong to this church. Back then it was just Emerson Baptist Church. After we left they renamed it “Emerson First Baptist Church.” We’d left earlier if they’d asked us to. We were invited to the wedding rehearsal dinner. We were not invited to the wedding rehearsal. Mama and I had never before attended a wedding rehearsal or a wedding rehearsal dinner. Apparently the preacher had never performed a marriage. If he had performed one it didn’t go as well as he would have liked, and he felt the need to practice. Didn’t he take Marrying 101 while in Seminary?

He knew it was going to take a while and everybody would be hungry. That’s why they were going to cook supper. When mama and I got married we knew old Preacher Pettit had performed a bunch of weddings. I bet he never had to practice. The 5 dollar bill I gave him for his service made us both happy. Our young Pastor at Emerson Baptist Church performed his very first baptism at our church. He had problems with this 84 year old man who insisted on leaning forward and dunking his head.

Before he held the next baptismal service we went to the lake and he practiced baptizing Ray Wilson and me for over an hour. I hope the Lord understands that we were just practicing. The Preacher never had any more baptism problems.

Practicing can be a good thing.

Mama and I arrived at the restaurant about 15 minutes before 12:00. We have the habit of arriving at least 15 minutes ahead of time. We are never late. I often lecture my grandchildren about being late. The head waiter tells us that the dinner is at 6:30 pm, not noon. I try to tell him the invitation said “wedding rehearsal dinner” not “wedding rehearsal supper.” He tells us to go home and come back at 6:30 pm . He gave our potato salad back to us and told us to leave it at home when we returned. He says it’s not a covered dish affair.

We come back at 6:15. The folks at the wedding rehearsal were an hour late arriving at the supper. Apparently, the preacher is a slow learner. Mama and I were beginning to get real hungry. They said the food was “Cajun”. I tasted crawfish, tasted dirty. We never ate crawfish, we fished with them. Do you know if one of them rascals gets hold of you with his pinchers, he wont let go until it thunders? Maybe that’s what a turtle does, but it’s true.

The preacher did a pretty good job the next day at the wedding. He could have practiced just a little bit longer. I believe, if a poll had been taken, more than 90% of us would say the couple is probably legally married."

PAW-PAW 12/13/08

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