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14 May, 2013

Our Names Are Our Legacy

We salute all our funny names!

"A name is more than just a noun, verb, or an adjective. It's your life, your legacy, your journey, your sacrifices, and everything you've worked hard for every day of your life." 
~ Christopher Jordan Dorne

Richard "Frog" Jackson
Donald "DB" Bell
Mike "Chink" Bell
Tony "Possum" Posey
Roger "Maha, Sweatbee" Sweat
Carl "Woodpecker" Woody
Jimmy "Sap" Stafford
Ronnie "Modunk" Mulkey
Gary "Buckshot" Morris
Teddy "Tedro, Drodahog" Temples
Danny"Doc" Temples
Dale "Crowbar" Crow
Larry "Mouth"Carnes
Reginald "Shorty" Floyd
Mike "Nanner Nose" Teems
Dennis "Mumbles Broadway
"Walkie" Walraven
Sue "SueBaby" Ingram
Tommy "Bohunker" Treadway
Harold "Bohunker" Day
Jerry "BoBo" McCullar
Harold "Puss" Woody
Jerry "Grubworm" Ingram
Lloyd "BucK" Buchannon
Brooks "Brooksie" Autry
Odell "Ott" McDaniel
Booger Padgette
Big Boy Sutton
Kenny Boy Tatum
"Mashpotatoes" Mashburn
Stella "Coot" Holmes
Charles "Monk" Holmes
Coot Yancey
Satch Holcomb
"Bird" Kenney McDaniel
Frank "Rink" Martin
Max "Fireball" Davis
Gene "Suitcase" McKay
Jimmy "Candyman" Roland
Tony "Fatboy" Branton
Harold "Rattler" Roland
"Fatboy" Singley
"Mo" Jerry Moreland
"Birdy" Larry Davis
"Woofy" Wayne Thacker
"Hony" Lowery
Jerry "Snake" Orton
"Hoss Legs" Siniard
Bill " Noogie " Nolan
Charles "Fruit" Jackson
Gene " Silo" Vance
Charles "Growler" Latimer
Jackie "Snake' Ray
Harry Neal "Pod" Green
Roland "Curley" Bryson
Gene "Teddy Bear" Henderson
James "Griff" Weaver
Carolyn "Cracker" Morris
Burgess C.J. "Red" Earwood
Howard "Dude" Fortner
Robert "TOBY" Fortner
Harold "Frog" Kirkland

Hat tip to Gail Poole for helping us remember!

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