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18 November, 2011

ATCO KIDS Are The Bomb!

Used with Consent of the Publisher

"Georgia Backroads" magazine will feature our ATCO article in its Winter 2011 edition. The article, which is about growing up in a southern textile mill village in the 1960s, is representative of the experiences of many "ATCO Kid" friends and their families.

Until we began this project, I hadn't realized how many people I knew who had connections with our Village. We've raised celebrities, a Georgia governor, major league baseball players and plain good people!

We are a group of 300-strong and growing and have come together in an effort to acquire, maintain and memorialize our Village families and their histories. Thus far, we have in our collection over 700 family, mill, and Village photos. Most of them are one-of-a-kind. We continue to share and write about our stories.

Thank you all so much for helping me these last two years with everything we've accomplished. Your generosity in sharing stories, photos and remembering the good times we had while we were growing up just makes our bond stronger.

CHEERS to ATCO KIDS! This one's for YOU!


Copies of the magazine can be purchased locally at the Bartow History Center. Trey Gaines has ordered extras for us.

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