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11 April, 2011

1938 ATCO Mills Baseball Players Injured

Marietta Journal, August 3, 1938, Page 1

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  1. Yvonne -- Wow. Thanks for posting this. Alvin was my dad's older brother. I had no idea he also played baseball.

  2. Hi, my name is Buddy Johnson. When I was a child I lived in Atco. My dad Earnest Johnson played for the Atco team. Several of my dads family work at the Atco mill. I had several cousins to go the the pool with and play in the park. One penney cookies at the mill store. Fishing at the creek. hair cuts at the barber shop. Mill picnics. I have to many memories to mention. I was searching for old pictures from the mill news paper. I have som old photos of dad and his team mates. I came across this site by accident. Thanks so much for the memories

  3. Hi,'re welcome! There are a group of almost 300 ATCO kids on our ATCO, Georgia, The Village Facebook page. You can talk, chat and interact there. The link is:

    PLUS, we have MANY more photos there that I haven't uploaded here yet.


  4. PS...were you related to George Johnson?


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