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18 March, 2011

Life's Steps

Life is a series of steps. Things are done gradually. 
Once in a while there is a giant step, 
but most of the time we are taking small, seemingly insignificant 
steps on the stairway of life.~ Ralph Ransom

The steps of our ATCO homes chronicled the small, seemingly insignificant steps in our lives. Now we realize just how important they were.

Louise Crowe, 1960, 12 Columbia Street
(DeLaine Crowe Anders Family Collection)

Toby and June Fortner
(Doug Fortner Family Collection)

The Fortner Family House, 10 Wingfoot Trail
(Doug Fortner Family Collection)

Louise Payne Young
(Doug Fortner Family Collection)

Thelma, Agnes Cornett's sister, and Dan
(Doug Fortner Family Collection)

Agnes and Becky Cornett
(Doug Fortner Family Collection)

Clarence Bearden, Paul Stephens, 
Lula Boyd hugging Jesse Henderson, circa1930
(Kimberley Vaughan Moore Family Collection)

Unknown Boys 
(Rhonda Hardin Martin Family Collection)

Leon Elkins, Ohio Street
(Robyn Elkins Osika Family Collection)

Mary Holmes and Unknown Woman
(Yvonne Mashburn Schmidt Family Collection)

Puritan Street, 1950s
(Gary Clark Family Collection)

Jerry Moreland, front Center
(Jerry Moreland Family Collection)

Ovidia, Jerry and Decia
(Jerry Moreland Family Collection)

Jesse Fortner and Rachel Simpson Fortner 
(Rhonda Hardin Martin Family Collection)

Bryce and Neil, 32 Akron Street
The Next Generation. See photo below: 3 Generations, Same Steps
(Vic Waldrop Family Collection)

Mothers Day, 1950, 32 Akron Street. Vic Waldrop Sr. on the right, 
Troublemaking teenager (Vic, Jr.) at left. 

 Jerry Moreland, 13 Defender Street
(Jerry Moreland Family Collection)

Roland Bearden and Walter Millsap in front of the Mill
(Donna Millsap Jenkins Family Collection)

Front L to R: Etta Millsap, Grace Millsap, 
Mary Ann Millsap, Walter Millsap. 
Back L to R: Hurdist Millsap, Reid Millsap
(Donna Millsap Jenkins Family Collection)

Roland Bearden
(Donna Millsap Jenkins Family Collection)

August, 1956, Parmenter Street
On steps, Coot Holmes; On bannister, Herman Holmes, Della Perry;
Standing right, Nell Holmes; Toddler, Mitchell Morris
(Yvonne Mashburn Schmidt Family Collection)

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