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23 February, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Building the Village and Mill

George Morgan Wheeler (1875-1958) was a builder and construction worker in Bartow County. He was also the Great Grandfather of Sherry L. Knight.

George grew up in Bartow County, Georgia and is found as a child in the 1880 census of Cassville, Georgia in the home of his mother and father, Marcus and Mary Wheeler. The entire family is listed as being born in New York, and his father's occupation is 'farmer.'

These photos belonged to him and are now Sherry's. These might very well be the only surviving photos of the men who built our Village and photos of the mill as it was being built. Thank you, Sherry!

Written on back, "Workers that built Atco Village." George Wheeler is 3rd from left, on back row.

On the back of this photo is written, "Building Atco Village." George Wheeler is in the middle front holding a brick.

Sherry and I noticed a few things about this photo. First, the houses are not the bungalow-style of those we find in the Village. The roof lines are different. Second, they're built on a hill. The only hills that I know of in the Village are Trash Pile Hill and the one behind ATCO Baptist Church, next to the Richard Bell baseball field. Third, the exterior of the homes looks like board and batten, not the clapboard of the Village houses.

Could these houses have been built on the outlying borders of the Village for housing for the construction workers? Families are in the background. The Wingfoot Trail and Trash Pile Hill area would not have been developed when the Village was first built, and the hill behind the church was never developed. Both areas were the only place inside the Village that I can think of that had pine trees - which can be seen in this photo.

Written on the back, "Atco Village." Notice the curtains that are
hung in the still-unfinished second house? I believe this might be Pilgrim Street, adjacent to Sugar Valley Road.

Written on back, "Goodyear Plant."

Written on back, "Goodyear Plant."

George Wheeler (mechanic, born in New York) and Family listed in 1900 Census

George Wheeler (carpenter) and Family listed in 1900 census

George Morgan Wheeler and Amanda Leah Neal Marriage License
29 November 1904, Bartow County, Georgia; Bartow Genweb.

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