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20 January, 2011

Those Places Thursday - The Trails

Photos taken in 2010.
The developer has cleared much of the woodsy away.

Brenda Tomlin: "We called them the woods. We played cowboys & Indians a lot (I was always an Indian) -- my brother Herbie, the twins, Stanley & Danny Moore, Geary Ford, Charles Davis, Larry Ray were among the ones playing. My Daddy would make us bows and arrows & I would beg my Mother to put my hair into braids. We always had a big garden in the field behind our house (tomatoes, squash, okra, pole beans & etc. The Moore's garden was next to ours & next to theirs was the woods. Between the back of the Moore's and the Singley's house was the one trail - down at the end of the street where the old car barns were was another path. My brother Max would go walking with us down to the creek as would my Daddy. We made kites and flew them in the field between the houses, mill and woods. We would go get pine boughs & pine cones to decorate the front door for Christmas. I would go to the creek and get in it & even picked up snakes swimming by!!! God must have been watching over me. I remember Daddy taking Herbie and I walking down there & showing us poison oak and rabbit tobacco growing there :) The Ezell's Grandfather you would see almost every day limping along the Trail. I used to go to my "so called secret place" close by the creek and read my Bobbsey Twins books that I checked out from the library in town. It was in a nice shady cool spot and the ground was covered in pine needles. And I remember the last time. Mother had been looking for me up and down the street. She had a hickory waiting for me with my name on it and she nettled my legs good! She was holding one hand and we were going in circles, me hopping up and down to avoid the hickory switch. This was when I was 8."
Yvonne Mashburn Schmidt: "My mom always said, 'Don't let me catch you down there on those trails!' She talked about them like they were some deep, dark, forbidden place that would 'get' me if I went. They were at the far end of Wingfoot Trail, and I knew the boys rode their bikes down there. I would ride mine right up to the edge, peer in, but I'd never GO in.  I never did...until I was 56 - to take these photos, and I took them in the DAYLIGHT, and I took a friend and watched over my shoulder!"


  1. You do a great job of weaving a tapestry of memories --- evocative as a good read, but also as a memory jog for the reader.

  2. I loved riding my bike on the trails. My friends and I would spend hours down there. Wish times were still like that


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