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17 January, 2011

Mappy Monday: A Street By Any Other Name...

The Streets in our Village had meaningful names. Some of them were named in honor of historical themes, such as "Defender," "Pilgrim," "Volunteer," "Puritan."

Others were named after Ohio and its cities and towns, which is where the founder, E. L. McClain, lived: "Ohio," "Litchfield," "Akron."

"Wingfoot Trail" and "Goodyear Avenue" were associated with the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company logo and name. Goodyear purchased the mill and village on May 11, 1929.  The "New Village" was built after this purchase and included at least some of Wingfoot Trail, Ohio Street, Akron Street and Litchfield Street.

Vigilant Street and Volunteer Street were on the outskirts of the main Village. Vigilant had been built at the entrance to the Village, and Volunteer Street was located behind the mill, near the creek. Later the houses on Volunteer street and the street itself were removed. Today, there is no Volunteer Street.

For some unknown reason, at some point the street names were given numbered names, and the older villagers referred to a villager as living on "Three Hundred" or "Four Hundred."

One explanation was that the postman for the Village couldn't read, thus the numbers were assigned. None of us really know for sure, though.
  • Vigilant Street - called "New Row"
  • Volunteer Street - called "Frog Town"
  • Pilgrim Street - called "Aught Row"
  • Defender Street - called "One Hundred"
  • Puritan Street - called "Two Hundred"
  • Goodyear Avenue - called "Three Hundred"
  • Columbia Street - called "Four Hundred"
  • Pathfinder Street - called "Five Hundred"
  • Allweather Street - called "Six Hundred"
  • Wingfoot Trail - called "Seven Hundred"
  • Church Street (later renamed Parmenter Street after Guy Irving Parmenter, Goodyear's first Superintendent. This change was made when ATCO was incorporated into the City of Cartersville. Cartersville already had a "Church Street") - called "Eight Hundred"
  • Ohio Street - called "Nine Hundred"
  • Akron Street - called "Ten Hundred"
  • Litchfield Street - called "Eleven Hundred"
  • Mayflower Street  ?
(Information courtesy Jerry Bell and Gene Tilley)

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  1. Hello,

    I currently own the house at 14 Defender Street. I would love to be able to find a picture of the house from way back then. IF anyone has a picture please send it to my email. I believe the original owners of the house had the last name Temples.




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