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03 January, 2011

John Sharpe Family

I asked John to share thoughts about his life and his family's life.

From emails from her son, John F. Sharp

Let me start by telling you about mom: She turned 96 last week (6th) and is confined to bed in a nursing home in C'ville. She had a stroke that left her paralyzed on her left side and this affected her vocal cords where she is unable to speak. Suellen, my sister, can communicate with her somehow and visits her frequently. Our only prayer is for peace. I know she would love to talk about her days in the mill and when she was coherent she often spoke of folks she knew and events that occurred in and around the village. Since she was so closely associated with so many folks coming in and out of the first aid room, she became very close to them. She and dad, Everett, had so many wonderful stories to tell of their early days in the village.

The folks moved from the village in 1945 to buy our life-long home on Grassdale Road. Dad had to sell our car to make a down payment. That's where Jerry and I grew up. He was seven years my elder. You'll be interested to know that Mom gave me a large collection of "Clans" that I have in my protection. Jerry wrote his Master's Thesis from them in part and was in the process of having it published before he died three years ago. I feel that his oldest daughter has it? At least, I hope so.

Mom and Dad were great collectors of articles from the 30's and 40's. I have old news articles of our baseball team and of the rise of Rudy York to baseball fame. In fact, I have a lead pencil in the form of a Louisville Slugger bat that has his signature on it. It is a prize.

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