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03 January, 2011

History of Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company

"Prior to the 1930s Goodyear's labor conflicts had been limited. In 1913 some Goodyear workers joined 15,000 other rubber workers in a strike against Akron's other rubber companies organized by the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). The strike was terminated after 48 days by worker vote, but it did mark the beginning of employee-initiated gains in Akron. The following year Goodyear instituted the eight-hour work day and a paid vacation plan for workers of five to nine years' tenure.

A number of employee benefit programs were established, including an in-factory hospital, a worker-oriented company newspaper called Wingfoot Clan, and athletic leagues that attracted many a s ports-minded employee. In 1915 Litchfield donated an amount equal to his first 15 years' salary, about $100,000, to the factory worker s to be used at their discretion. In later decades this fund provided scholarships to children of Goodyear employees or retirees.

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